Check your bookmarked forum links!

All good things must come to an end but wait not this time. We are simply moving. The SYSTM forum has moved to a new URL (HTTPS:// We actually did that a while ago, but our connection forwarding notice from the old forum site ( is going away. If you have the forum saved to your browser favorites with the old URL, it won’t work anymore starting July 29th. So please update your favorites with the new link so you will always be able to reach us.


Do we get a new SUF badge for getting this right?


Hey @Cody.Moore @gpsjared

Will this also be changed?

I asked about this maybe two months back.


I’m not sure, but checking on this! Thank you!

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Looking again, mine looks to be taking me to the correct link now, is yours not, @Dan?

Hiya, the SYSTM Forum tag, as per the screenshot above from within the app More (three dot) menu, is likely what I am referring to as tapping the link icon takes me to the WahooX forum.

I would have thought that any reference to SYSTM forum will be changed to WahooX forum with the new marketing angle.

If SYSTM forum is still relevant, why not have the wording in the URL instead of

Or is there still a SYSTM forum that is different from the WahooX forum? And when is SYSTM, SYSTM and not WahooX? Conversely, when is SYSTM, WahooX?

Further, if one is going to change any reference to SYSTM forum, remember to have it changed on the Wahoo Kits page where the SUF and Knights jerseys are contained. There is a reference to SYSTMforum there for those wanting to do a Knighthood to get the jersey.

Yeah, sorry, I’m so used to seeing it, that I was completely missing the obvious! Now I get it, and will fully push it up stream, thank you!

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The updates to the URL have been completed. If anyone is having challenges reaching the forum have them double check the URL they are using.

Yep. My forum bookmark ceased working this morning. Used the link in the SYSTM web app (SYSTM) to find the forum and create a new bookmark.

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