Cheeky run?

Hello all,
Given the fact that the Sufferfest plans are all finely tuned to make us awesome cyclists, would there be any issue in slotting a cheeky run in each week? I’m only talking a 30 minute run, nothing too long or too intense, to mix things up and get some impact activity happening alongside the cycling and mobility workouts in the app.
Wondering whether the extra fatigue would be detrimental (currently halfway through the All Purpose Road plan so doing 4 or 5 rides a week).

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I’ve been doing my own runs inside of the bike-only plans. Runs in between 3 and 6 miles. I did them duing the All-Purpose plan and even when doing the Metric Century plan. Some weeks I run twice. Some weeks I can run three times. I just have to be careful I don’t overdo it on the recovery weeks which are of course the weeks that it’s easiest to fit in the most runs. One run a week isn’t really a problem as long as you consider the timing in your plan and the intensity of your run. An easy zone 1/2 run is easier to stick in than doing speed intervals.

Hi, I have also added 2 to 3 run on some of the bike workout since there are no duatlhon or triathlon specials focus plan : bike focus, run or swim.(for those meaby better to get one of the sufferfest coach to tailor a training plan with the focus or goal you have.) With the pool close here focus on bike 4dp and run time on feet.

The run I add currently are easy run from 20 to 30 minutes and the long run is 40 to 50 minutes. I did not yet try to add running speed workout and tempo run. I try for now to keep the vo2max workout on the bike.

Be careful and listen to your body, it will be easy to over do it since the plans are not build for it and ingury or over trainning are watching you.

I was wondering, if the recovery ride could be replaced by recovery run, it could help lowering the body stress. Are they doing the same to the body?

I run without opening my mouth and nose breathing. If you accidentally run too quick you get short of breath. I think the key thing is not to push too hard. As a bonus it trains your diaphragm.

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