Mixing Sufferfest with Train As One

Having had two lazy months off since the summer, I need to tackle the expanding waistline again.
I’ve loved the Sufferfest previously, and found I could get into a good routine with it. However, it absolutely hammered my running, which I was doing with Train As One. Really enjoyed the progressive, adaptive, approach that gave.

I’d love to get back to doing the two together. Has anybody found this to work with the Sufferfest training plans? There doesn’t seem to be a straightforward way to limit the number of workouts, so I’m wondering whether beasting it and doubling up is the best compromise? Unless Wahoo buys TrainAsOne and incorporates that (hint, hint).

My goals aren’t that high: stay fit enough to do at least 160km on the bike at a reasonable pace (roughly 5hours) and do a half marathon running.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Use a triathlon plan? Sub the run workouts in the plan for your runs and either ignore the swimming or replace them with some strength workouts.

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Thanks. I’ll give that a go; it’s a pity that it doesn’t cover the specific training plans that are available for cycling only (e.g. FTP, MAP etc) but it should prevent overload.

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Bear in mind that ALL Sufferfest videos will be tailored to your 4DP profile, if you have one.

Thus, a triathlon plan won’t target your weakness per se but it will adapt to your profile.

I have used the Tri plans and found them to be very good.

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