Running and Strength around Cycling


This one is more for the coaches; how to better mix suf strength and running with cycling?

I have recently taken up running again as a side to cycling and I have found suf strength results have really helped me on the bike. Nevertheless, after a week recovery session from strength workouts I felt my legs were flying during a run and higher cadence on the bike way easier to sustain. This of course got me thinking if it is too much to keep 2 strength workouts plus one or two runs per week aside from say three bike rides. Would it be better to substitute a strength workout with a running session?

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Interested in knowing this also,

Hey there! Excellent question- it is always a tricky balance of how much training is helpful versus harmful. In general, a week with 3 bike rides, 2 runs, and 2 strength is feasible assuming there is the optimal balance of intensity, particularly on the cardio.

Just a couple things to keep in mind- (1) Your tentative plan is 7 training sessions, so at least one day would include 2 workouts in order to give you a day of recovery in the week. (2) Carefully consider the order of your workouts in terms of intensity and fatigue. Make sure two intense cardio or two strength workouts are separated by 48 hours. (3) If you are not currently training for an event, take the next 2-3 months to try varying combinations. Track your intensity as well as how you feel each day to evaluate the best plan for you!


Thanks for this feedback.

Indeed when adding workouts it seems a fine line to walk, this is where a training plan would come in handy as one can always have more questions… When reading point 2 for example - 48 hours between intense cardio - I wonder what is an intense cardio session? heating Z5 repeatedly (revolver and the likes) or 2.5 hours at Z3/4 counts as well?

I guess the safest, when not following a plan developed by a professional, is to start short and add in more depending on feel. Especially in summer when most - if not all - of the rides are outdoors and with groups and thus keeping a cap on cardio becomes more challenging.

Thanks for the advice !