Closing the gap between MAP and FTP?

So if I think my FTP is relatively low compared to where my MAP is, what should I be doing to try and close that gap to bring my FTP up higher as a % of my MAP?

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The threshold plan (4 weeks) or the TT plan that has a lot of FTP work in it (12 weeks) I am the opposite Map lowish compared to my FTP


Generally, I believe the coaches often say that to raise your FTP you need to raise your MAP as your MAP acts as a ceiling for your FTP.

I’m not a coach though so I’ve moved your thread to the Training topic.


VO2 work I believe. MAP stuff. But within reason. 2 sessions ideally per week. Three max. Speak with a coach. Best bang for buck.


To me it sounds like, if your FTP is relatively low Vs MAP then the aforementioned MAP ceiling isn’t limiting you. I’d work on FTP - maybe a threshold block. If the FTP gets closer to your MAP then you can work MAP again to bring things up, and repeat.

Just my 2c.


What is your MAP as a % of FTP?

If your MAP is much higher than FTP then threshold work. The Knowledge podcast on FTP which would be worth listening to.


Yes, agreed that if MAP is high relative to FTP, then the ceiling isn’t the issue.

FTP work in my experience is great for raising FTP, but any aerobic trainings that prioritize duration over intensity (eg FTP, Temp, Endurance as opposed to MAP) will help. To great extent, aerobic is aerobic and what’s unique about intervals vs endurance rides is does response vs dose tolerance

Anyway enjoy! Its a fun problem to have


Yeah the MAP ceiling issue is if you FTP is high relative to your MAP. As others have said, plans like the Threshold building blocks will be good. But in general, most of the plans will account for your weakness (assuming FTP is your overall weakness?!) and therefore they’d target that metric by weighting the number of workouts towards ones that focus on FTP.