FTP building block

New SYSTM user since November, I’m loving the structured workouts. This is by far the most I have worked out over the winter months. I’m almost done with my 12 week plan and thought I should focus on my 4DP weakness, ‘sustained efforts’. I cannot find the FTP training block, was it removed? TIA

It’s still there. You do cycling, general fitness and you should see it.

Interesting looking plans, more variety than just threshold

Hmm, not for me. Checked on different devices too.

Oh sorry I misunderstood. I thought the tempo and ftp blocks basically WERE sustained efforts but I guess that’s wrong!

No problem, older posts show an FTP block. Maybe I’ll just do threshold.

I think you want the Threshold block (they apparently changed the name in the app but not the documentation, but FTP is functional “threshold” power) but you could also do the Tempo block as explained here (for less fatigue/easier efforts/more focus on aerobic fitness):

How to use the Building Blocks training plans – Wahoo Fitness Support


Yep. Threshold is what you’re looking for. I’ll alternate that with MAP blocks.

Thanks for the info!