Clothing gear advice

Looking for some advice on buying some training gear for outdoor training, yep, god forbid it I will leave the cave and go outside.

Do you have any advice on getting some cold weather bib tights and wet and cold weather jackets for to be used in Ireland. The total budget is around 200-400e

Any help is appreciated.


@Padair My winter stuff is from Pearl Izumi - owned by Shimano I think. I would also recommend either glove and sock liners and/or shoe covers and winter gloves along with a hat or baclava.

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Big fan of the Gore and Castelli products. Especially the Gabba Jerseys and knicks for both warmth and staying dry when its pissing down.

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Don’t overlook DHB clothing, dirt cheap and does a solid job. Also, look at Komraid, they have a great range at reasonable prices.


As above, I use a mix of Castelli Perfetto, Gore or DHB bib tights. A selection of base layers, decent gloves and overshoes are also essential.

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When you say Knicks do you mean items with or without pads?

Endura have super cosy bib tights and jacket. Add hat mitts and overshoes (or even winter spd boots) - sorted for southern swedish winter

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Have you looked at who are in Newry?

I have their Mistral bibs. Excellent and great value for money. Really good through winter, especially when it’s hovering around freezing and the roads are mucky.

I also have their Sentinel jersey which is a Gabba/Perfetto type top - very pleased with that as well but it’s more of an autumn / spring being short sleeved.

I’ve not got any of their full jackets as I splashed out on a Gore Shakedry a couple of years ago. I also highly rate Endura - I have the Pro SL Windproof jacket which is great for cold / dry days.

Thanks for all of the links :slight_smile:

I have bought a few things from them in the past. I have their Sentinel foul weather jersey.

Luckily it never rains in Ireland


One thing to consider is buying winter bib tights without a chamois. I have some from Pearl Izumi and they are quite nice, as you use your existing bib shorts underneath and avoid playing the “do I like the chamois” game. They are also cheaper!!

I like Castelli tops for cold and rain and think that this is one area where quality matters, so buy something nice that will last for years.


+1 for both DHB and Galibier

These gloves from Stolen Goat are far and away the best winter / wet weather gloves I’ve ever owned:


no with pad. This is a Australian term for bib shorts

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Gottcha :slight_smile:

Do you guys call shoes , shoes :slight_smile:

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