Bib repair


Important topic here…any good tips on repairing holes in lycra? I’ve now worn holes in two sets of older bibs that I use for indoor training in the cave (wife won’t let me wear them outside!). Other than the hole, they’re still great bibs, so I’d like to figure out how to extend their lives a little bit. What with daughter’s college tuition payments about to kick off, dad’s cycling clothing budget is likely zero for the near future.

I tried some high-speed gortex patches from REI that are supposed to be great for “technical fabrics”, and I’ve had great success with them in the past, but between saddle friction and washing I only got a month out of them before they were coming off.


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Where I live (Germany) there are actually quite a lot of companies that will repair your bibs for a reasonable price - or give you a nice discount on their new products if the old ones turn out to be dead.

Maybe that’s an option worth investigating?

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@CPT_A Dim the lights in the pain cave. Ride on, brother!

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Have you tried wetsuit glue?

Does it even matter that they have holes given that they’re indoor bibs? Buy some basic lycra fabric, make patches and learn how to do zigzag stretch stitches

I have not, but the patches I used were supposed to be good for neoprene. I will look into it, thanks!

Oh man, that was my wife’s answer too, @DameLisa. her sewing machine scares me!


You know, you CAN ask for help. Just sayin’ :joy:

That’s really generous of you, @DameLisa . What’s your mailing address?


My sewing machine is in the back of a storage unit. You’ll be waiting a while.

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