Helmet brands and models?

Getting to the end of ToS and planning out one more fully indoor training plan to get me to April, when I plan to start hitting the road. Just got set up with a bike and trainer for the cave last fall, after a 20+ year hiatus from the sport, so in thinking about heading outdoors, I’m interested in any insights/advice/opinions on current helmet tech and good brands out there currently?

I always used Giro helmets in the olden days, but have been paying attention to the riders in the ToS videos and noticed Rudy Project, Specialized and Bell still out there, with some others I don’t recognize.

Thanks for any thoughts!

congrats on getting back outside and exploring. Fun times.

I think if you buy a helmet from any of the larger and reputable manufacturers, they will tell you whether they comply with the consumer product safety standards applicable in your country. In the US, it’s the CPSCA (or maybe CPCSA) and there’ll be a sticker right on it. Pick from any of em, find one that fits your head, and it’ll be safe enough, and that’s the primary goal, i think.

Aside from that, i pick based on style and which one looks the coolest :sunglasses:

Beyond CPSC certification, you also should get a helmet that is a MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) helmet because it has superior protection for your brain.

Also, remember than any helmet, regardless of wear and tear, should be replaced after 4 or 5 years. The materials naturally degrade.


so you’re saying i should swap out the Giro Atmos i’ve been using since 2006 :grimacing:


It would be wise to do so. I believe Giro has a MIPS compliant helmet.

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Ideally, try to find one locally so you can try it on. If you are willing to spend more, an aero helmet will make you faster. I like my Met Rivale, but I chose it because it is sort of aero, it fit me well, and it was on sale, and it looked cooler than the $20 Bell helmet at Costco, which I think would also be good.

This is possibly the best website I’ve ever found on the topic - Bicycle Helmet Ratings

I’ve been riding a Specialized Chamonix MIPS for ~2yrs now and still love it. Lots of ventilation, light, and great safety ratings.


For those that have a smaller diameter head, Lazer makes them in smaller sizes that fit and don’t end up looking like giant mushroom caps on your head.


I always wait until they come on sale, they ridiculously expensive bit of polystyrene otherwise. Bought a Carnac at almost 25% of original price…and it matches my bike colours!