Just can't get into hooking up the bike to dumb trainer

I have old time Cyclops mag trainer or something like that … whatever the cool Cyclops trainer was back in the day. Even with older gen Wahoos or other “smart” trainers out there, it’s still way too expensive for me to throw down extra jing on. And honestly, I am not all that into data and analytics anyway.

But biking outside with my dog these winter months so far has been the BEST! Gotta love the Fat! I really don’t care what my FTP, W/Kg, 5G, 4D, LMNOP, or anything else like that is…or if I get faster or slower. It is all about enjoying my time outside on the pathways or trails. And a fresh round of snow last night and tomorrow night, more great times, smiling faces!


That looks super fun! I would be into fat bike winter cycling, if there were lovely trails like that around here. Outside is the way to go if you can do it, for sure! Great photos

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Right on! And the sort of single track was even great as well!

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Our roads around here aren’t in as good a shape as that trail. Heck, not even the trans Canada highway at my town looks that good! :joy:

Barely made it to the xc ski trailhead today in my little ford fusion. Practiced up my wannabe rally racer skills blowing through packed snowdrifts while an oncoming truck and horse trailer and I, made one lane on gravel into three.

My passenger had to close their eyes and pray, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Fat bike riding would be far less stressful I think.


That sounds awesome!

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I’m not sure what the point of posting this to a trainer forum was, but, great! Go outside and have fun!

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