Combining weekend outdoor rides into one long ride

Happy new year all! I’m currently following the all-purpose road plan with outdoor en indoor rides. I was wondering if it is okay to combine the two workouts over the weekend into one long activity on sunday. Saturday is a 1h30m endurance ride and usually Sunday some kind of tempo ride. Is it okay to combine the two rides into one big ride on Sunday? Thanks for the advice!

Hi @Tycho. I’ve also been following the same plan and do exactly that, mainly as it fits in better with “life”. I follow the Suf sessions in the week, and generally do 50-70 miles on a Sunday. 2 weeks left with FF on 17th so we’ll see if I made any gains. :crossed_fingers:

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Alright! Yeah I’ve tried it the past few weekends because it just fits in easier, but this last ride it was really tough so I’m not sure if It’s always the best idea :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:! Keep me posted with your progress!

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@YeoYeo Good luck with the test! I had my half Monty yesterday! I gained 6% MAP and 3% FTP!

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@Tycho I was about to post this exact same question when it suggested your post on this topic. I’m thinking about freeing up a day on the weekend by doing this.

How did you get on with it?

I did exactly that and combined both rides into one longer ride! I tried to keep the efforts at the start of the ride and kept the slower endurance stuff for the latter part of the ride for me this worked very well and the “load” on my system was virtually the same, so I’d say go for it!