Coming back indoors

After an absolutely brilliant year of cycling outdoors, I’m now back mostly to indoor riding and the systm app has been fantastic and a bit of Rgt when I fancy it too.

I kicked off with the A week with Ian Boswell and really enjoyed this. I’ve been doing his morning routine regularly through the week (not quite everyday, but every other) and have got some good benefits from this.

I also took away the high torque low rpm effort and have been building this into my weekly schedule, focusing on G.O.A.T and adding 5% difficulty each week until I’ve got to +115% (290w for the some of the 2 minute intervals and 50-55rpm was enough for me) that feels about my ceiling with that so was going to try Powerstation next and any other similar rides to mix it up. But again, I have felt a good benefit from this session in the real world.

The other session type I’m doing each week is a set of intervals like rue the day. Then the rest of my riding is outdoors and I’m doing these around z2 with commuting and a ride on the weekend.

I guess my question is, am I doing the right mix of riding here with a high torque low cadence session with a traditional interval type session later in the week. Last year I did the 10 weeks general cycling block which I enjoyed, but I don’t think I have the time this year to ride as much due to work commitments and family life… I guess I’m looking for the standard structure of a week in terms of the types of training people do.


@Pb63 welcome back. Interesting timing for this question. A local tri coach and friend drew up a 5 week cycling plan which I just completed on Sunday. It was the first time I have ever done much high torque work and like you, he had me doing several rides at +5 to +15% effort.

Bottom line, I think my routine was similar to what you are doing. Obviously some variation but I think you are on the right track. For me, it was the most productive five weeks I have ever done a bike.


@Pb63 That is fine for some weeks but you don’t have to do low cadence each week and could work in cadence builds or standing starts or another high intensity ride as an alternative.

Also be sure to have a deload week every 2 or 3 weeks to let yourself recover. That actually might be a good week to do cadence builds.

Note that most of the plans have outdoor rides on the weekend so maybe see if there is a match for your goals to make things easier.

I would also suggest the yoga, mobility and core videos. Personally I do core work 3 times a week and also lift twice a week and mix in some yoga and mobility and found that it goes a long way to helping me on the bike.

Good luck!


Thanks guys, I am planning to explore some more of the workouts I’ve not done before especially the on location rides. That’s a really good shout about down time and the cadence drills. I seem recall elements of style being a good session so will definitely bake this in on those down weeks as well.

We are so spoilt for choice with SYSTM and RGT but good to hear I’m not a million miles away with the base sessions I’m using.


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