I am 66 years old and started back riding after 20 years off the bike in 2020. Several months into 2020 I fractured my femur while ridding. Had surgery to put a pin in my leg. 3 months off the bike and slowly starting riding my old blackburn trainer.
Then had to have shoulder replacement surgery. Another 3 months off the bike. Started back riding and bought a Wahoo Kickr Trainer and purchased the Sufferfest program/SYSTEM in June 2021. Never had a real training guide before.
Started FTP at 163 W. OK well great for me starting back. 3 Months latter Oct this year FTP is 184W. So thrilled I am making progress and have a structured training program (how cool is that)!
Beginning Dec FTP is 204W. That may not sound like much to most of you but WOW I am so excited.
Today 12-16-2021, I used the MENTAL TRAINING to force my way through the complete “Tool Shed”. I wanted to quit but I didn’t because of the Mental Training from SYSTM!
I am so pumped that you guys have done this for me and all of us.

I just love this AWESOME SYSTM training program coupled with strength and mental training.

And the cost of this program is such a GREAT deal!


Hey, congratulations. First for just getting back on the bike, second for overcoming the injury/surgery/no doubt mental hurdles involved in doing so, and finally for great gains already. They’re really awesome.

Onwards and upwards - nothing is gong to stop you now!


You’re the one who did it. We just gave you the tools. And we are pumped to be a part of your story!


Hope that the leg pin was Titanium, it’s what the cool kids are using these days!

There is no better value for money in this sector. NONE. Not even close!

Also, +1 on the Mental Training Program (it’s helped me achieve things I would NEVER have thought possible).

Sooooo much to love about the app, and it’s only gonna get better. The community is pretty freakin awesome too I gotta say.

Thanks for sharing your success!


Except maybe a stop sign. Should probably stop at those.


Reading this was better than my morning coffee! Your resilience has been thoroughly tested and you’ve kept rising to the occasion @twalker1 :heart:


You are great. Keep it up! :muscle:

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Bravo @twalker1 - that is inspiring and great numbers to boot! Look forward to seeing you on the Tour of Sufferlandria!

And Stop Lights. It hurts really bad when you are hit by a 20 Tonne Lorry doing 30…(kph or MPH, it pretty much doesn’t matter).

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And watch for dogs that run out from between parked cars. That can lead to a helicopter ride to Shock Trauma that you don’t recall…


At least I remember my ride…And it wasn’t bicycle related. Here’s to everyone remaining healthy this year…