Compare workouts

Feature request: What about having the possibility to compare the same workouts in the graphical representation and over a chosen timescale?
would be great

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I’d like this as well - I use a spreadsheet to do it for Hine hammers and Power Station at the moment, with some help

I would like to see this too. Suggested it to a minion last month. Currently you have to flick between the activities and scroll up or down which is a bit frustrating!

A bit like the way it shows the full frontal results on the graph on the profile page would be good showing your best 5sec 1/5/20mins/1 hr power and then you can compare various times you have done the video


I have wanted this too. Also, along the same lines, I would like to see some measure of how well I hit all the interval powers for the required time. Something like

Good job Alan, There are 64 intervals in Violated. Your results are.
+105%, 105-95%, 95-85%, 85-75%, 75-0%, ~0 , Total
2 , 22, 18, 4, 2, 16, 64

Yeah, I would love this.
I’ve now done Violator twice and both times I skipped a couple sprints. I’d like to easily see if I skipped the same ones both times, or the same number each time, etc.

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