Show Details of Workout Interval Targets in preview without having to start the workout

Sometimes I am looking for a workout in the library and would love to see the power targets. Unfortunately there is no option to see the detailled targets (just the ftp line and the blocks).

If I want to see the targets, I need to start the workout and select the specific blocks. Then finish the workout and delete. After that, you are on the start screen and need to choose library, filter etc again.

Would be great if you‘ll work on the display of the power targets in a workout.

For example:
When you scroll with your mouse over the workout sheet, then you see the target.



I would love to see this.


+1 for me too, as I also often find myself starting/finishing/deleting the workouts to see the targets.




p.s. I moved this to feature requests and edited the title :slight_smile:

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This is a really good suggestion!


100%. I do exactly what the OP describes ALL THE DANG TIME, lol!

Edit: like they already do when you review a workout you’ve already done :slight_smile:


+1. Have also requested this. Possibly 1000 times, give or take a few 0’s :wink:


+1 from me, I often find myself opening the workout and doing it that way, which is a bit of a pain

Can someone explain to me why this is useful to them? Isn’t the colour of the block and its relative position to the FTP line enough (obviously not)?


absolutely +1

@titanicus I’ve done it to work out how to change the target of the ride (e.g. from sub-threshold to endurance) or to find out the cadence targets when taking a workout “outdoors” (actually into Rouvy via TrainingPeaks workout builder)


yeh, sort of. I just like to associate a number with the colour and position. Maybe it just helps me mentally prepare for the work ahead. Sometimes a graph by itself doesn’t look so bad UNTIL I see the actual numbers and the length of the interval. I can’t say it’s useful. I am probably better off not knowing, lol!

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So you need the numbers to properly load up with anticipatory suffering before the actual suffering. I find the graphs sufficient for my anticipatory suffering. But to each his own.


lol, yep. Nuthin must dull the sufferin

+1 … this would also make it easier to perform workouts outdoors when necessary/possible

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+1 cadence targets particularly. It’s good to know when it’s a low cadence high torque coming up. (Thinking of the way out, assuming my memory is accurate.)

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+1. For me it’s not necessarily the power numbers I’m after but the duration of the intervals.


The numbers help me know what kind of an effort I’m looking at. How far below FTP is it really? I may look at a workout and think it has a lot of steady tempo efforts, but then ride the workout and find they’re all barely sub-threshold. Or maybe the MAP efforts are at 100% MAP or only 90%. It’s often hard to tell. And especially when every 6 to 12 weeks I do new tests my numbers will fluctuate it’s helpful to see the actual numbers rather than just how close it is to my FTP line.

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Is it just me or has there been a complete flood of feature requests of late?? Many are simply to replace features which have disappeared since SYSTM took over but it seems that new requests are limitless? Perhaps a helping of elephants kidneys on toast?? :sunglasses:

Once we got past the flood of complaints, we’ve moved on to the flood of feature requests. Feature requests are more likely to be quickly and directly addressed. And many of them have lain dormant and are now being revived. I think they’ve always been there, just laying low during the transition period.