Repeated Workout Comparison

Having the ability to compare the same workout results (ie, GOAT) from different times is very useful to judge yourself over time. Overlaying the workout graphs is an easy way to compare and very useful.

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I agree, you can KIND of compare in the sense that, providing they were done at 100% it does tell you the 4DP metrics used, peak HR, and peak power outputs.

I must admit I use Training Peaks for this functionality which is obviously far superior (but you pay for it!!).

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@Ross, Can you overlay graphs/data from different sessions in Training Peaks? I use TP myself but haven’t seen that functionality.

No, but then I don’t think anything offers that functionality. The graph could be a mess and even if the workout was recorded a few seconds difference at the start then it’d throw the whole thing out.

What you can do is open up 2 Training Peaks windows, open up each session and highlight sections of it to compare power, HR, cadence etc etc.

Okay thanks, so I wasn’t missing anything with TP then.

Data overlay would be nice though. Easy enough to time-shift graphs to align as most overlay software I’ve used in other applications allows.

Be good if the Suff graphs at least had a scrolling cursor to read spot values and zoom function to make them more useful. Training Peaks obviously takes care of all that, but would be nice to have a complete one-stop package.

Exporting the workout’s data to a spreadsheet would allow this analysis. However, I am not aware of the SUF app allowing data export. I must admit, that approach would be a pain.

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You may want to try DC Rainmakers tool
It is originally meant to compare different tools, but I think you can also use it for comparing workouts. Let us know if it worked for you. Tnx.

DC Rainmaker’s analyzer is a great tool but it requires the same date/timestamps in the workout files. It would be a pain to adjust downloaded files each time that way.

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Need some one with skills to write some code that will do this, specifically tailored to SUF workouts possibly. So can then see specific intervals and so on in speific workouts, and be able to select 8/10/12 minutes power as well.

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I manually enter my numbers into a spreadsheet and I get a lot out of comparing the same workout over time - particularly when the numbers are going up!

The app kind of already does this on the Passport 4DP screen where you can see numbers compared to previous attempts

The workout data is what is missing. I could easily process the data in a csv format. Also, I could write the code to process the binary data if I know the record format, although it is more of a pain. This is what I do. That said, SUF application developers (Minions?) should have no issues adding this feature, it comes down to the companies priorities.

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I will take a look. Thanks

True. I thought it would perhaps makes sense for a one off comparisson.

I agree, it’d be great to compare workouts. I also do this in trainingpeaks for a couple of favourite sessions. Good shout.

One thing that is helpful is looking at your average heart rate and average power. If power is pretty similar and you have a reduced heart rate you are getting fitter, all other things being equal. Of course you may be more or less fatigued but its a good overall gauge. I’m not sure I’d see a lot of value in overlay, but it would be ‘cool’ to see.

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You can also just simply look at Kilojoule expenditure during the workouts. If they’re rising, you’re doing more work and putting out higher power.

I’m not sure that this is actually all that useful of a feature since it feeds entirely off your 4DP profile so the relationship is pretty constant. I.e. no new 4DP numbers → no changes in workout.

If the workout has sections where you’re off erg mode, then it might be useful but those are mostly short duration efforts anyway and you can compare them on something like if you use strava.

I think this thread should be combined with this one Compare workouts

Well, i don’t know how detailed comparison you want to make, as if you just want “the totals” one can just go to “Progress” then history and filter to the workout you want, then you’ll get a visual overview of different sessions you’ve made! you’d get distance, TSS,NP avg. HR,Avg. cadence and IF. at least that’s how i do it however it doesn’t indeed include my 4DP values for when the session was made!

This is what I was thinking as well.

The best way (and probably the only good way) to check progress is to compare Full Frontal or Half Monty results over time - especially if one uses ERG mode for workouts, as the majority of us do.