Compatibility Question - Wahoo Kickr v4 and Shimano 105 RS7000-GS Setup

Hey everyone,

I recently got myself a Wahoo Kickr v4 and paired it with my bike equipped with a Shimano 105 RS7000-GS rear derailleur and a Shimano 105 R7000, 11-32T cassette. However, I encountered a compatibility issue and I’m seeking some advice.

I’m wondering if I can use the original cassette that came with the Wahoo Kickr without needing to change my chain, or should I switch to a cassette that matches the one on my bike?

During my initial attempt, I noticed that the chain rubs against the front derailleur when the rear derailleur is on the largest cog. It’s not a major issue, but it’s definitely something I’d like to resolve for a smoother ride.

Any insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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You shouldn’t have to change cassettes or chains. I assume the Kickr cassette is 11 speed to match your 11 spd setup. Also, you say largest cog in the rear but what ring are u in on the front when rubbing?

Thanks Glen!

It slightly starts on the fourth cog from the top. Its on the smallest ring in the front

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And one more picture

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I’m assuming the “trim” (half click on smaller left shifter) isn’t moving the front derailleur outwards at all when you’re in those cogs? I ask, cuz, when I’m in my small ring and the bigger cogs, I’ll get some rub that the trim will take care of by moving the FD outwards.

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Thats correct assumption. No movement

So looking from the rear the chain is rubbing on the left (inside) of the FD? In which case it seems like the whole cassette needs to shift to the right? Is there a spacer missing behind the cassette?

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I think I wasn’t clear. I meant to say move the FD inward. When in the small ring on front, and mid cassette, when the rubbing starts you SHOULD be able to click the small paddle on the left shifter a “half click” that moves the FD cage inward (not outward as I said above) to reduce or eliminate rub as you move to the largest cog.

You can then do the reverse with the larger shifter if it rubs as you move to the smallest cog on the cassette.

There’s some decent YouTube vids that’ll show how to adjust your trim settings.

Glen, now I understood. Not native english speaker, but it all made sense now, and you are absolutely correct! I used the flaps and its adjusting the shifter and problem solved. I need to learn more about trimming, this is obviously something I havent learned yet. Whil biking outdoors Im just trying do adjust while riding, but havent really looked into whats going on.

Thanks agian!

John: my first thougt as well, but correct spacers are installed.

Do you guys use disc brake block? I bought my wahoo second hand and it didnt follow.

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Glad it’s taken care of! My indoor bike has rim brakes but I would absolutely use disc brake pad block things if I were u.

Edit: the spacer things are pretty cheap.