Completed Workouts not syncing this morning

Completed 3 workouts this morning, 1 yoga, 2 on the bike. Only the 1 yoga activity sync’d with Strava and Garmin Connect. 1 hour later, the rides are showing in Garmin Connect, but still not on Strava. Is there a services status page to see the current outages or ETA to services being back online.

It means you have to do them all over, right now.


Deleted the activities from Strava and then used the iPad Sufferfest App to resend to Strava. And as before, only 1 of the activities would be accepted. if I try to import the Fit file into Strava, Strava would show an error message stating that it was a duplicate of another activity, which clearly they are not. In the end, I had to use to fix up the data and upload to Strava that way. Some ‘glitch’ this morning that caused the Sufferfest app to corrupt the data or Strava is the issue. All activities made it to Garmin Connect without issue, but that doesn’t mean Sufferfest didn’t glitch out the data files. We’ll see what happens tomorrow AM. if same issue, then email the minions I shall.

That’s what i was thinking :slight_smile: seems maybe an issue with the Time Data. Did an export to Fit files then used fit tools to fix the time data up and then uploaded to Strava. Going to disconnect from Strava and use Garmin Connect only and have that sync to Strava to see if it works better.

Email the minions

Day 2 and same issue. I’ve already opened a support ticket with Strava and now time to email the minions here for some assistance.

@RWeeks I had the same issue with Strava yesterday. I completed GCN Escalator and then Power Station. Only Escalator showed up. I pushed the workout again to Strava and nothing happened. I also use Training Peaks and there were no issues there with the transfer so it seems to be something between SUF and Strava.

Just got email from Sufferfest support. Issue has been fixed. I was able to share the activity from the passport screen. Auto sync of activities should be fixed as well guess I’ll find out tomorrow for sure.

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