Garmin Connect Export Data

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I have a rather technical question. All my Strava data was deleted some weeks ago and I’m trying to recreate it by piecing it together from different services I use in parallel or used in the past.

I’m now trying to use the Garmin Connect data and after receiving the link to all my data I’m struggling with all the .fit files it provided. I received, amongst others, 5 compressed files and what I’m realizing is that most of them are not recognized by Strava (most have either 1 KB or very low numbers).

My questions are then, what are these files? Is there a way to identify / filter the ones that are recognized by Strava? Can I somehow recognize the runs / swims (vs cycling for example)?

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This happened to me when the running platform I used shut down… From vague memory I think you need to upload from GPX files to get more “detailed” workout data.

Is there any option for how you get your details from Garmin Connect?

Thanks for the reply. No option, you just get a ton of folders (most empty) and then quite a few compressed files with a lot of .fit files.

In my case this was a Strava mistake so not super thrilled.

@Tobias_Breme Sorry to hear! Seems odd that Strava doesn’t have an option to restore from backup. I guess that is something to consider when using their platform. I believe you can send past SUF workouts directly to Strava. I am not familiar with Garmin - have Suunto. There is an option in Suunto’s app to send past workouts directly to Strava without downloading any .fit or other file.

Thanks J!

Yeah, not great on Strava and definitely no back up restore.

I actually restores almost all my cycling data from SUF which was great. I’m now missing the running data and I’m running into the described problem.

I’ll to see if Garmin has that option, it would be amazing to be honest.



I actually just found this: Seems to synchronize data across platforms but had a rather unclear messaging referring to the latest Garmin API and historical data.

I’ll give it a try and see what happens.

Hi @Tobias_Breme,
I’ve made a export “tool” in python that exports the last x number of activities.

If needed I can share the code.

Hey Frank,
That would be amazing. The link I shared doesn’t import all previous activities.

Does your script allow to filter the activities you want to download (e.g. dates, type)?



I did not implement any filters, but it’s possible I think, are you familiar with python/GitHub?

I can push the code to a repo and you can tinker with it as you please.

I would appreciate that - I’m mot familiar but I can always learn : )

I can highly recommend the ios app rungap. Just today I imported my entire garmin history since 2006 to . You might have to pay a few € or $ but its definitely worth it! Good luck

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Is there an android or win10 equivalent?

Hi Tobias,
You can find the code on
I’ve made a exe file that you can use, see readme for example.

If you have any questions let me know, it’s not a full application (or even a half one :slight_smile: ) I use it to fiddle around with golden cheeta

Good luck

Thanks a lot!