Connect Zwift to Wahoo Systm

I only can see my outdoor activities but not my Indoor Zwift rides in Wahoo Systm.
Can someone explain me how to connect Zwift to Wahoo Systm?

Should be connected.

Thanks Mike

There are some troubleshooting instructions on the Zwift support page for third-party platforms, but they seem extremely generic.

Was it ever working for you before and did it stop working recently? Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting your Wahoo account in Zwift?

It was working for me as of two days ago, but not sure if others have experienced this issue. Just to clarify expectations, this will only push new Zwift rides to Wahoo Systm, it won’t sync any of your previously completed rides.

Im new to Wahoo systm so I don’t know.
Already tried to disconnect and connect zwift from wahoo. You say it’s not Possible to import previously events so that’s exactly what i want to do.

Yeah, unfortunately I don’t know myself of a way to sync previously completed Zwift rides with SYSTM.

If you are connected from Zwift to Wahoo you should be able to view your activities. Make sure you are on the latest release of SYSTM.
Also, it might be a good idea to download the Wahoo app to see if Zwift rides are appearing in History. If they aren’t, you need to reach out to Wahoo support.

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is there a way to upload .fit file to wahoo systm?

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No. You can link Zwift to SYSTM (edit: to be clear, you link it to wahoo) so when you ride in Zwift the file is sent to SYSTM but you can’t do it manually and you can’t bring in past rides if that is what you are trying to do.

Can I ask why it is that you want to do that, if that’s the case?


Thanks for the info. I just want to complete my statistics.

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For me, a better repository for all my ride data is Strava. Systm, Zwift, Garmin, and most other apps can automatically upload to Strava. It’s got enough analysis tools to do what I want. There are certainly better analysis wise. Trainingpeaks is a great as is Golden Cheetah.


100% understood. A lot of folks use Strava, where pretty much every app you can think of will link the data. I’m not a big fan of its social features and am not willing to pay for the premium as I just don’t see the value in it for me personally.

My go to app for seeing all my statistics is It allows for a healthy bit of analysis (if you’re interested in that) as well as a good view of data from a variety of apps (Garmin, Wahoo, Polar, Strava (and ALL the data that gets sent to Strava (like Zwift etc).

It’s free to use but the free version only allows uploads of Strava history going back 3 months (if that matters to you), for $4/month that restriction is removed. If your Zwift history hasn’t been uploaded to Strava or somewhere else, you’ll need to upload each previous ride manually as directed here:


Oops. Yeah, I forgot to mention Agree about social aspects of Strava. I don’t use those keeping all my rides private and not paying attention to anybody else’s. I’m only connected to two other people on it, my wife and brother in law.


Strava is good for the social aspect (if you like that). But as a pure repository I prefer Definitely.