Zwift rides to System calendar

Anyone know if there is a way to get my Zwift rides onto my SYSTM calendar? Currently all my activities go this one calendar and I don’t want to loose this convenience.

The only way is to dual record, for example using an ELEMNT bike computer or the Wahoo Fitness application on your phone.


When I want to do a SYSTM workout on another platform (ie Zwift or FulGaz) I will run an outdoor workout on my ELEMNT, control the trainer resistance through the ELEMNT if I want ERG, and setup Zwift or FulGaz without trainer control. This will also make it so the workout records on SYSTM. Otherwise, if not doing a SYSTM workout you can just dual record as was already mentioned.


I didn’t know I could use my Wahoo on Zwift. I will give that a try. Thanks!