Long Time Zwifter…New to Wahoo X

I decided to try out this platform after doing Zwift for 2+ years. I am going to be doing the 4DP workout tonight. After that I would like to do a training plan. Which one do I choose? I’m strictly an indoor rider. I have the wahoo kickr and a felt vr30. IPad and IPhone setup. Also can I still ride in Zwift world along with this platform? Thanks for any information, can’t wait to get started!!!


Welcome @Bree_Doepner !

Without knowing any more about your objectives, the All Purpose road plan is probably a good place to start.

There’s also a plan that targets online racing you could check out.

Final suggestion, the ‘Explore SYSTM’ plan to take a look around.

Feel free to ask any other questions here!

Of course. One thing is that you’ll most likely want to adapt your plan as you go to take into account the workouts you’re doing in Zwift.

The way I found to simulcast to WahooX and Zwift, is to have one using ANT+ and the other bluetooth. For example, using your iPad to run Wahoo X with bluetooth to control the trainer. On another device, such as a laptop with an ANT+ dongle, have Zwift pick up power, cadence, and heart using ANT+, but disable the controller icon under devices. This way you get the wonderful content, training plans, and storylines of Wahoo X while still inching your way toward level 60.


I may have misinterpreted your question here. Do you want to have both Zwift and SYSTM running simultaneously? Or alternate between Zwift and SYSTM workouts at different times?

I would like to do the wahoo workouts but run zwift simultaneously so I can still ride and chat with people

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I only have my Ipad and Iphone or Apple TV as options to run each platform…

Thanks for the clarification. @robyork’s post above looks like it should answer your question.


Depending on which KICKR you have, you can do it all with bluetooth - Zwift on the TV and SYSTM on the iPad.

Hello and welcome @Bree_Doepner . I’m glad you are giving Wahoo a chance. I am sure you will not regret it. Welcome to the light side of the force :bulb:
Of course nothing will prevent you to still mess around with the Z-Nation, but believe me or not. Once you are accustomed to SYSTM and RGT, you most certainly don’t want to go back.
Anyway, since you are strictly an indoor rider (and maybe racer?) I would suggest to you try out the “Virtual Racing” training plan. That will tweak your performance just right. And since you have RGT at your disposal, why not try out some racing there? It’s a great experience.


Hi there! It doesn’t work in my old Zycle because it wasn’t able to cast to 2 different receptors but if you have a Wahoo you will be able to use both Zwift and Systm at the same time.

How? Just pair your turbo with Systm and then pair with Zwift but, not as controller, just as power source. You can also select cadence.

Only thing it is not working for me is HRM as it only cast to one of them, but not a big deal.

Just did so this morning with my HM and worked seamlessly.


Welcome aboard!

Choose whichever plan you want!

Welcome, I was you about a year or two ago. I got tired of the same old, same old with Zwift and at least by my reckoning this system is much more tuned to improving not just maintaining. There’s a learning curve, start small I started with level rides until get the hang of things, then move to more adventuresome stuff. I found the documentary rides fantastic and inspirational.