Connecting to Garmin Issues

I’m a newbie! I’ve set up Sufferfest to connect to Strava but also need it to connect to my Garmin connect as that’s used for private medical points!
I’ve followed the same process as connecting for Strava and it tells me authentication is complete but it still says ‘connect’ rather than ‘connected’ and won’t send any historic riding data …
Any ideas? I’m guessing I can’t ride with my garmin on either as it’ll confuse the ants?

How are you connecting your Garmin? Is the Garmin set to control your trainer? You cannot have both Strava and Garmin in control.

They are referring to sending their Sufferfest workout data to Garmin Connect.

I run my Garmin device (Edge 530) in parallel with my Sufferfest workout. If you are using a smart trainer DO NOT connect the Garmin to the trainer. Instead though you should be able to connect to just the power meter of the trainer.

I like to use my Edge so I can track my performance stats. If you just link the Sufferfest to Garmin Connect you don’t get that data.

Thanks John - So just connect it to the power metre of the Wahoo? I don’t have a separate power metre.

Sufferfest sends the data to Strava and I finally managed to get sufferfest to connect to Garmin connect. There was a lag in the interface for some reason.


Are you looking to run the Sufferfest app and your Garmin device in parallel?

On my Wahoo Snap there are 2 sensors. 1 is the overall trainer including control. The 2nd is just the simple power sensor.

I run Sufferfest on my iPad and it is connected to the Wahoo trainer and the app controls the trainer. On the Garmin I only add the power meter sensor from the trainer.

Now there are times when I want the Garmin to actually control the trainer so I turn that sensor on.