Connecting to Garmin Connect

I’ve been able to connect Sufferfest and Wahoo Systm to my Strava account so that workouts are automatically uploaded. Have been trying to connect my Garmin Connect account to Systm and Sufferfest and after being taken through the log in popups, it appears to be connected for a few seconds, comes up with a message to say it’s connected, and then promptly disconnects. Anyone else having/had similar issues? I’ve tried disconnecting Strava and trying to connect Garmin on its own but still having the same issue. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi @OliveClogs when you go into settings on the SYSTM app and then go into authorised apps does Garmin Connect say disconnect or connect

Hi @Shaned1972 it’s not in the authorised apps list, it’s just in the available apps list.

Have you updated to the latest version 7.2.2 for SYSTM ?

Yep, I’ve tried on the most up to date desktop and mobile apps as well as the web based account.

Hi, I have the same issue, when I activated the connection with garmin it appears authorized for a few seconds and then returns to the list of available apps. I tested disconnecting strava in both apps and using others devices (laptop, phone) but the same thing happens.

It had been connected for me since SYSTM came out but after your query @OliveClogs i disconnected Garmin Connect and now have the same issue. I’ve sent an email off to the Minions detailing the problem.

Ah nice one @Shaned1972 I did the same last night and they’ve it’s a bug they’re aware of and they’re working on it. Funnily enough just before that, I’d tried again using Chrome (I usually use Firefox) and I’ve managed to connect and stay connected.

Ah good @OliveClogs im not too bothered if mine doesn’t connect to Garmin as I also use my Garmin watch when I do all my rides because on other apps they don’t properly upload and it’s crap if you do a workout and lose it through no fault of your own.

Same issue!

Been trying to connect on and off since this morning, tried on Mac book and iPad now seem to be connected but it did take a few tries

Have you tried connecting to Garmin connect via Strava?

I was just posting the same issue in the forum but deleted it, hopefully it will be cleared up soon.
A work around would be to have Garmin pull from Strava, but it should get cleared up on the SYSTM side.

My workouts all post to Garmin Connect just fine. Haven’t had a problem. Definitely contact the minions if you need help with this.

Or maybe it’s garmin connect’s fault. Today I cannot connect to my garmin connect account. :rage:

New user to Systm, having same issue. Was able to connect to TP and Strava with no issues, Garmin tells me connection is made, close this window, and when I return, it’s still not appearing under the authorized apps. Did this through the app on iPad, Chrome, Safari … multiple times. Gonna try my computer later today. I like the Garmin Devices, but good luck trying to get any actual support. I know I will be switching to a Bolt/Rival combo in the near future.

We are terribly sorry for the frustration with this! It is an issue that we are aware of and are working to get fixed as quickly as possible.


If anyone uses the Tacx rides we all know Garmin have taken out whatever it was that when you uploaded the ride to Strava the proper name and description of the ride showed up now you get no description of the ride and the standard Morning/Afternoon or Evening Ride instead of the right name. This wasn’t a fault with Strava but with Garmin and it’s a blooming pain too and could sway me moving away from Garmin next time I look for a sports watch

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Agree, long time Garmin user (even worked in the Aviation industry as a contractor with them) … but the customer support aspect of there wearables has been atrocious.


I did have a Polar before and I would have kept it but was swayed by the Garmin Fenix 6 can control your Tacx trainer but I’ve never used that option and now with Wahoo having all these running workouts I’m not sure if Wahoo would be keen on sending workouts to rival watches but then again how many Sufferfest subscribers actually use a Wahoo watch I’d doubt there’s a lot