Connectivity issues since SYSTM replaced SUF

Anyone else? My BT and ANT+ connections keep cutting out on the new app. Today, first 15 minutes of my work-out were ruined by continuous dropping of all connections. I also had a Kickr Snap drop-out towards the end. My last FF was a complete failure due to all (HRM, Cadence Sensor and Kickr Snap) dropping off BT. Never had any issues with SUF app and BT. Raised a ticket after FF but got stock response about un-installing the Suf app in case of interference. Is it just me? Getting pretty frustrated with this now.

Might be worth checking that nothing else has changed as BT can be fickle. Do the usual of checking no other apps are open trying to use the connection. Change of position of fans etc. Using wireless headphones, head unit etc. It could be worth removing/closing as much as you can in terms of other tech and electronics so you’re just left with you device and the Kickr snap. If the problem stops you can introduce tech one by one to see what might be the issue.

Good luck!

….and in other threads, people seem to have had success with deinstalling and reinstalling. That at least guarantees you have the most recent updates.