All kinds of equipment issues? Uninstall your Wahoo APP

Hi everyone,

I’m updating a recent post I made in hope it will help others. I looked at similar posts to mine and did what others suggested. I deleted the Wahoo app from my phone. All of my issues have been instantly fixed, hopefully for good. Ridiculous that their own app interferes with their equipment, even when it isn’t running in the background.

I’ve been using SUF/SYSTM for a bit over a year. Using a new Kickr and a Tickr X.

The Tickr x connects to my headwind without issues but often connects to SYSTM but doesn’t display heart rate. I can live with this, but it’s annoying.

The bigger issue is I’ve been having issues with my Kickr ERG mode not working properly. It’s often off by 60w or more in either direction, causing me to have to constantly shift. I sent an email to Wahoo support as well as the testing FIT file they requested. They told me based upon my FIT file the Kickr is fine, yet it continues to not work properly when connected to SYSTM.

Given that I’m also having problems with my Tickr, is this a SYSTM problem? Is anyone else having these issues? These are all Wahoo products so I would expect them to work seamlessly together.

Appreciate any help or advice. TIA.

I have almost the same setup as you (new KICKR and TICKR X, no Headwind) using Bluetooth on my Windows laptop. Are you using Windows/Mac/iOS/Android? Bluetooth or ANT+? I’m assuming that you’ve updated the firmware on your devices (TICKR/KICKR)?

The only issues I ever have with the KICKR are a complete failure to connect (it almost always connects right away). The few times that I have had an issue I just restarted the app and it fixed it. ERG mode has been incredibly responsive and accurate.

The TICKR X is pretty awful for connecting consistently and I often have to unsnap, wait 30 seconds, and resnap it to get any reading. Even then, I can get drop outs while on the ride. From what I’ve read on the forums, the TICKR series aren’t great for connectivity and often have problems. I’m not sure there is a solution.

Thanks for replying. I’m looking at the forums for similar posts to mine. I just uninstalled the Wahoo App from my phone. Others have said even if it isn’t running in the background it can still steal the signal from the equipment.

I just did a quick test and everything seems to be working properly. Unbelievable that they don’t know how to keep their own app from interfering with their own equipment while using their own training platform.

I really only use the app when I’m setting up their equipment, so I don’t really need it in general. I’m hoping this will solve these issues for good.

PS the Headwind is awesome. It’s worth it.

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I had a similar problem with my KICKR and SYSTM - in erg mode I was consistently 20-30 watts under the target. Not sure what the problem is/was and I fiddled with all the settings in SYSTM. Haven’t had a chance to test it again after being kicked out of my pain cave (a.k.a. My collage student daughter’s room).

I forgot to mention that I often turn off Bluetooth on my phone when trying to connect the TICKR because that seems to help remove excess Bluetooth signals and make it easier for the TICKR to get connected to my laptop.

Did you reinstall the wahoo app after?

I didn’t. I may reinstall at some point, but this is the first time in forever that I can actually turn everything on and start riding with zero issues. That for me is worth not downloading the app again.

Thanks for that.
What do you do about performing a spin down with your app uninstall.

I have a newer Kickr. No spindown needed.

OK. I have the core and running on SYSTM.

Any other ideas apart from reinstall app to do spin down then uninstall again?

Is your phone Android? Do you use mobile SYSTM app on the same device?

Hiya I tend to use my Samsung tablet android.

And I use systm app.

Some have mentioned just turning off BT on the phone instead of uninstalling the app, that way you could easily still do a spindown when needed.

I personally know I would forget to turn off BT with every ride. Since I don’t really ever use the app (firmware updates haven’t ever made a noticeable difference in my devices) it made more sense for me to just uninstall it.

You have both on the same device, so simply disabling BT during workout is not an option.

Try uninstalling Wahoo app first then do some workout and check if that resolves your problem actually. It might be that the Wahoo app is not a problem and you need to search for another solution.

If it was Wahoo app, then you have limited options unfortunately. I have different setup so I cannot test it myself, but you can try any of the following:

  • Run Wahoo app before workout and close it immediately. Then open “running apps” from your main screen and swipe Wahoo app away - that should stop it running until you run it again manually. The “run & close Wahoo app” first step was to put Wahoo app at the end of the running apps so you can swipe it away easily without looking it up).

  • Remove trainer from Wahoo app. Add it only before spindown then remove it afterwards. Clumsy one.

  • Move Wahoo app to another device (phone) and disable BT on that device during workouts. It might occur that you can even keep BT on that another device.

I have some options as all my gear is through BT.

I have both set ups on phone and tablet ,both Samsung, so I could have wahoo app on phone just for spin downs .