Cool down question

Sorry if this has been asked before but curious what’s up with the little tempo section in the 10 minute cool down? Just curious behind the reasoning behind it, seems a little counterintuitive? Kinda hard after a tough workout!

Loving the new SYSTM app.

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Reading the description:

It seems it actually helps you recover better.


Better than being on all fours, gasping for any ounce of breath I can get, whilst screaming in agony and wishing fire and brimstone on Sir Neal and his gang?

Huh. Awesome!

I wondered the same, I am typically pretty crushed by the time I get to the cool down. Last night I was spent and did not hold the level recommended. I have been wondering why the cool down is not necessarily as easy as I would expect though.

Shoot, can’t believe I forgot the read the description :man_facepalming:… makes sense, thanks!

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