Strength and Yoga plans to target upper/lower/core/etc

Hi, in the old Sufferfest app there were options for Yoga for core focus or recovery focus, which I personally found very helpful. Given there are many new Strength workout options (and Yoga) focusing on different areas (lower body, upper, all, posterior chain, etc), will there be the option to add these more focused target areas as a plan? Or to combine into a Yoga/Strength hybrid plan to accomplish this? E.g. a Multipsort Core focus plan or Lower Body plan or ___ plan, either with/without bike/run/swim work.

e.g. for me, I’m really not super interested in working out my upper body (trying to lose bulk there) but do want to focus on lower body, core, and posterior chain. I know it’s possible to just do a lower body strength video instead of a full body video when the plan calls for the latter, or just do my own non-systm workouts on strength days, but having the option to focus the plan on specific problem areas would be an awesome addition.