Daily core workouts?

Really enjoying the new broader range of strength workouts!

I have a question for the coaches: can I do core focus workouts more regularly than one would historically have done the old full-body SUF strength workouts? E.g., could I get away with doing core strength workouts nearly every day of the week? (With perhaps one or two days’ rest?)

I noticed that Coaches Neil and Jinger mention the possibility of daily core strength sessions on the Knowledge podcast, so it seems like it might be realistic and maybe even sensible?


An option is to do some of the core-focused yoga sessions on days in between the strength workouts.

Hi @roger, Thanks for the feedback. The answer is yes, you can definitely do SOME of these workouts more frequently than the full body sessions. Part of the idea with focused strength sessions is to be able to mix up your resistance training options without taxing your legs every time you do a strength session. So, adding an extra core or upper body session or two throughout the week is ok as long as you take your time progressing up. I would not recommend going straight into a core session nearly every day but working your way up is great. And as @way9e0 mentioned adding in come core focused yoga is valuable too.
Hope this helps. Stay strong.


Sounds like sensible advice. Thanks!