Corpse Pose?

i’ll be honest, i’m still working through the beginner sessions. not sure what you can do to me.


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Safe zone :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please don’t poke the “sugar bear”!!!

I wouldn’t at all be surprised. There are some poses that we have yet to explore…

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With all due respect, Sir Glen: Boo!


:joy:. I reserve my right to curse her with impunity :smiling_imp:


Savasana, or corpse pose signifies the end, usually followed by rolling on ones side in fetal pose prior to coming to a seated pose
—easy seat to finish your session, this signifies ending and rebirth. I’ve been a student of yoga for over 25 years, a certified instructor for 10 years. Nothing to to with shiva, yoga has no association on with any religion.

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Something else that I find that happens after the Omnium Kilo !

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I don’t love corpse pose that much. I have found recently fish pose is a much more relaxing way for me to finish a class.

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What is that? Do you have a picture?

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Well Lord knows my chakras need all the attention they can get… :grimacing:

(is it a plural? Does one have many chakras? or is it A chakras? :thinking:)


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And they called me a #yoganerd

This is another one I actually enjoy!

I just did this in the Neck and Upper Back Recovery video. I believe it is in one or two other videos.

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