Cotty Style

Rode in the CowaLunga charity ride today in Gurnee Illinois. Such a fun event. My grandson who is a new cyclist and also new to group riding brought a fixie that had a misaligned brake pad on the front wheel. We only rode 18 miles, but he suffered for 12 miles wondering why his bike wouldn’t coast very well. I knew something was up when he said he felt like vomiting. I inspected his bike, and took one of the pads off to stop the rubbing. But he didn’t quit and I’m so proud of him for sticking it out. Posting pictures for sir @michael.cotty. I’ll post more pictures when the photographer uploads them.



In the bottom photo from top to bottom, myself (top center), my grandson Christopher (both wearing CowaLunga jerseys), Jackson Davis in red shirt, and his dad Kevin on the right, our next door neighbors. Great times and their first cycling event!

What’s even better than suffering? Helping others discover the joy it can bring!


More photos. By Sufferlandrian standards it was really short, but I got my grandson and neighbors to attend. Such a fun day!