Could our Favorite Training Platform Be in trouble

From linked article some positives - but also covers negatives:

Not all of the news for Wahoo is negative, though. There is a thread throughout all of the financial analysis that recognizes the position that Wahoo has within the sports world. Back in early 2022, Moody’s stated that "Wahoo has a good record of successful new product launches and it expects significant sales and earnings contribution from several new products and refreshes in late 2022.” At the time, it was noted that market headwinds included “ongoing inflationary pressures” that would “erode consumer spending power.” As well as shifting patterns of “spending back to categories that were limited over the past few years.”

With the added benefit of hindsight, the most recent Moody’s analysis goes further. The rating agency is again complimentary, stating that “Wahoo benefits from its strong market position in the cycling and smart fitness products market, supported by its good brand recognition, product innovation, and high product quality."

There seems to also be a recognition that the future looks somewhat positive and Wahoo has “meaningfully grown its revenue scale over the past five years, supported by successful new product introductions and tailwinds from positive consumer health and fitness trends.”


IMHO taking legal action on design patents has too high opportunity cost…in the end of the day it is the legal eagles who will benefit…but of to use money to grow the market

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Light at the end of this tunnel?
Wahoo Fitness Founder Buys Company Back from Banks | DC Rainmaker


More links on the news - this looks very positive. Wahoo really adds a lot to the space as an innovator with solid customer service. It is great that they had the chance to reposition themselves.


"WAHOOOOOOOO!!! :cowboy_hat_face:


Maybe they can bring back some of the Minions they (wrongly) let go - reinvigorate the platform?



Dust has been settling on the Wahoo X/RGT platforms. Who is the new “Chief Suffering Officer”?, previously, that position was much more than just a title on a company website, one could argue that it represented the heartbeat of the company. Big shoes to fill Wahoo.


Not sure you can replace the irreplaceable. Sir @Francois-Wahoo remains the creative genius (and I don’t use the word genius often or take it lightly, the man is SUFfing brilliant!!)

From the core of my being I hope that this news will signal an end to the relegation of Sufferlandria and on to an even more glorious future for our great nation.

In any case, the wahoominati will be watching. The wahoominati are always watching. #twaaw

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please go easy with the superlatives…


Sorry Sir. Let me rephrase.

Sir @Francois-Wahoo is pretty okay, I guess.


Couchlandrian in the wild.

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