Will Zwift buy Wahoo?

An interesting review of how the two are working together finishing with a question of whether Zwift will buy Wahoo.


I brought up this idea on an earlier thread. Given not only the current state of Wahoo, but the series of events leading us here, it feels more like they are circling the drain than regrouping to rise again.

So let me directly answer your direct question - I would put money on it. There is still value (and a following) for a large portion of the Wahoo content for none of the competitors to want the library at a minimum. Zwift just makes the most sense.


I’d love to see a sneaky path out of Watopia and into Sufferlandria. If the right team worked on story lines and graphics then there could be some really cool things to find.
Forget the pacer bikes, your challenge is to stay ahead of the laser goats that are chasing you up Mount Sufferlandria.


The reason I will never be on Zwift. I played the Nintendo of the 90’s. No need to revist those graphics decades later.

If Zwift is to purcase Wahoo and then no longer offers the training and videos available in the current SYSTM environment I will be gone faster than my 6yr old grandson when he twists the throttle on his KTM.


The question is not if there will be a purchase but who will be buying who. I’m laying odds that Zwift will be the replacement fur RGT, and that Wahoo will remain in the end. There’s a need for more consolation in the indoor training space, and Ray has it just about right.

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But Ray was talking about the oodles of cash Zwift currently have that they need to spend so that direction would make sense.

And if Wahoo were interested, wouldn’t it have made sense for them to keep on at least some of the RGT staff as they would have a lot of skill that would drop straight into Zwift.

As to dropping RGT staff, they had to trim payroll and fast. It is always possible to bring folks back. Yes, it looks, on the surface, that Zwift would be buying Wahoo, but stranger things have happened. Been around for a while and some of the buyouts and sales can be very strange.


DC wasn’t sure if Zwift still had all that cash, either. Zwift may not, especially if they’re still not turning a profit and advertising as heavily as they have been.

And if Wahoo IS making a profit then that equation could turn pretty quickly in favor of Wahoo.

And may end up more in a strategic partnership than a buyout, especially with the whole RGT debacle. May likely keep Wahoo from considering a wholesale buyout of Zwift for quite a while. And a lot can change pretty quickly.

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That’s exactly how I feel… I can’t stand the graphics