RGT fans and Wahoo

The way RGT was first neglected and then suddenly killed left a very bitter taste in the mouths of RGT fans. Maybe there weren’t as many RGT fans as we’d wish. But to those who enjoyed the platform, the relationship with Wahoo is severely compromised.

I know for my next trainer or bike computer I’m looking elsewhere.


While I never got sunk in with RGT, I 100% agree that it was handled with what appears as no consideration at all for all the people that were or that all the people who contributed to it. I’m still a fan of their products but The Company has done itself no favours here in terms of good will. I feel genuinely bad for all y’all.

I’ll also add that I really REALLY don’t like the term Wahooligan. If it’s supposed to communicate a fun loving approach to fitness, that hasn’t been evident for quite some time. From the termination of legends of sport science and LEGENDS of Sufferlandria to this most recent burial of a platform loved by a dedicated fanbase it’s hard to stay optimistic.


I received an email yesterday trumpeting the app update. Clicking on the Read More button, I was greeted with a “Hi Wahooligan” pop-up. Presumptuous on Wahoos’ part to think that it is a group identifier that people want to wrap their arms around given the negative feelings most people have with the word “hooligan”. There has been a TON of TIME available to figure out a better name, the fact that it remains means Wahoo is quite comfortable with it, despite what some of their customer base is saying. I guess I can always opt-out for receiving future emails from Wahoo, that’s what I would do if I received an email from another company with the equivalent of a "Hi Sh*t-bird pop-up to their email link.


How about Wahoomie instead? Or Wahomie?

Me personally I never felt offended by the term, but it’s maybe because I am not deep into soccer/football culture although being German. However, the Company was quite responsive to my and lots of other’s concerns about the former Sufferlandrian flag. Thus I really can’t understand why they are so stubborn with that Wahooligan term. :man_shrugging:


Well, I was a wahooligan before RGT came into my life. I’m going to miss RGT a lot, anyone who read my last words about the end of RGT knows how important it was to me and I hope that the words I wrote can echo the feelings of more RGT users. However, business is business and Wahoo’s owners are in charge of decisions of this nature, whether we agree or not.
For me, as long as wahoo’s customer service continues to handle the service of my wahoo products in a correct manner, I will continue to be a wahooligan without any problem with the use of this term. I know that these days there are many words that offend unintentionally and we’re getting into an excess of restrictions on the use of certain words for fear of hurting sensitivities or unintentionally discriminating, but it doesn’t shock me to be called a Wahoo hooligan because I know the meaning of this hooliganism that has nothing to do with dark moments in soccer, being a fan of Wahoo products to the point of having several and not using other competing brands of products that Wahoo has. But maybe it’s too much for someone who only has a Wahoo GPS or Kikr and is also a Garmin, Tacx, Elite, etc. customer.


The demise of RGT was a matter of time. It was massive resource hog on the Mac. I couldn’t run it without being connected to mains power for a long time. The next thing was the World. It felt absolutely strange. Like I was dropped into a foreign land. Lastly, the recording time limit was unusable. I ride the TeamODZ Mount Lemmon ride and it takes more than four hours to complete. Even pausing to take a nature break and bottle refill put me out of time.
After that I was looking for replacement. Still am.


Zwift gives you a 3 minute “coffee break” without loosing your position


RGT held me in the same place but the clock kept ticking, even if I paused the ride. Not good on a very long ride, like Lemmon. I’ve ridden that exact same route, IRL and it takes over five hours to complete.

Another unreal thing from Z.

It was pretty seemless on AppleTV. I find Zwift as bad as RGT or FulGaz or Rouvy on my Mac.

I always thought Wahoovian would work. Residents of Wahooville. Could probably carefully do some plays on Dr. Seuss and Whoville


@Dan_Connelly I completely agree with your comments regarding damage to the franchise. I am not sure Wahoo understands that. I did not buy a Wahoo static bike for this reason. I need a new head unit and it will be Garmin. It takes years to win back that trust. It is a real shame.


For resource use, it ran fine on low graphics on a 4-year-old iPad. It’s true it caused the fan to blow on my MacBook pro of the same age, but it wasn’t too bad. Key was to run it at medium (not high) graphics and to free up resources by closing other apps like browsers.

But in comparison Indie Velo claims it needs 64 GB of RAM. Only the top end MacBook pro is available with that much RAM. Of course a good GPU helps.

If you like doing epic climbs, in my experience Fulgaz is very good. It uses curated GoPro video, so the graphics really cannot be beaten, although occasionally there are anomalies. But I’ll probably be trying FulGaz again in addition to Zwift.

As to the 4-hour time limit: I agree that was too short. John Bytheway (RGT) could over-ride it if you contacted him on facebook, but of course the vast majority of users didn’t know about that. In contrast, there are numerous standard routes on Zwift over 100 km.

The main issue for me is the total disregard Wahoo showed to people committed to the platform. It wasn’t even just that it was shut down, but it died a slow death of neglect during the entire time Wahoo owned it.


Coming back to my first response to your initial comment: yep. 100%. Disappointing, to say the least.


I kind of agree with that. But for me the single moment RGT was doomed was when steering was introduced and made compulsory. Prior to that numbers appeared to be increasing. On some days there were no bots in Canary Wharf, as there were so many real riders. Within a week of steering being introduced and made compulsory, that all disappeared.
I do want Wahoo to succeed and so I hope people do continue to buy their products. I don’t want Systm/Sufferfest to fail.


I wonder if the poor three guys who actually bought a KICKR STEER will get a refund. :man_shrugging:


I’m one of those suckers. Bought it on an impulse and thought to be a ‘first adopter’ for a change.

Anyone wants one? I’ll ship it within the UK

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Mine is still in the box. At least it got it at half price. Maybe in a few years it will be worth come money as a museum piece. :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::smile:


Never got into RGT, always found Zwift to be a far superior product- loved the fact I got - a years free Zwift as compensation for losing something I didn’t use.


It’s an optional thing on group rides only. It’s also useful, particularly when there’s someone at the door, and requested by users.
Perish the thought that sitting on a stationary bicycle inside staring at a computer program would be anything other than totally “realistic”…