Covid jab

It is a full week since I had my 2nd jab.The 1st one went fine but there was a big reaction after the 2nd.Pains everywhere, hot/cold pretty much stayed in bedroom for a couple of days, things have eased off now, just stuck with cough whenever I move.Not sure when I can get back to riding but it does not seem soon, I feel the energy draining out of me just walking to the pain cave.What training plan has the most gentle introduction back to riding

Be patient and maybe dial down your first sessions until you feel on top of things again? BTW are you sure you haven’t got real Covid? A whole week of side -effects sounds extreme! (I have my second jab next week - first was ok)

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Hope you’re feeling better soon. At some point, it might be worth talking to your doctor if things don’t improve.

For training plans, you could look at the Transition → Ramp Up plan or the Road → Couch To Crusher plan.

Thank you for your replies. Only an exercise induced cough remains now. Perhaps some general fun riding may be a good introduction to turning those legs again, thanks Way9e0 good suggestions for returning to a structured plan