Covid jab

It is now just over 5 weeks since I have had my 2nd jab. I have been feeling low ever since and had to stop riding.
5 weeks of doing nothing other than the spring loaded challenge, I was not getting better so I thought a little light training might stimulate the body enough to heal faster.Beginners TT program was selected as it seemed a gentle enough introduction .Ignitor done, all zone 4 stuff was in HR z5 but the session came and went quickly, then came extra shot. I stopped after 3 mins, dialled down to 90, then 80 and finally 70% where I could just about pedal fast enough for it to register ( over 20 cadence) I think more time in couchlandria may be in order or dial everything down 50% until things pick up again

@alchurch Sorry to hear - hang in there.

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I really would recommend to see a physician rather than seeking advice in the SUF forum. Make sure you are not suffering from Myocarditis which seems to be a not so uncommon possible side effect of some Covid vaccines.


I do not seem to be suffering from the usual effects of Mycocardis or the vaccine, I just seem to have aged 15 years. Assuming most of the Suff users will have the jabs, there must be a yardstick in place for training with symptoms. .911 is no help , they try to contact your Dr and the surgery is constantly engaged, A+E would not be too happy if it was not a life situation.I would get a strange look if I said I can no longer do intense workouts. If I was hearing such a complaint I would likely advise patience ,unless the symptoms were getting worse, which they are not

And my GP is the man who encouraged me to ride while on diazepam and a fractured vertebrae

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.

In the US these vaccines have emergency use authorization. This is granted without the normal process of gathering information about side-effects. You could be suffering from some yet unrecognized side-effect, or it might be something else that just happened to happen after you got your second shot.

In the US there is the VAERS, Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System. I do not know the equivalent in the UK. You might want to report your symptoms, and see if anybody else has reported similar effects.

I would also consult with my personal physician to see what they would say.

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After my 2nd I had only 12 hours of aches then I was 100% and racing again.


I had my first during the Tour Dr Sufferlandria. I delayed that days “fun” by a few hours but I had no issues. What you’re describing sounds more like what happened to me when I had Covid in December. 3 weeks later I went out on the bike and my HR hit 183 on a steady flat section.
(After my 2nd there was absolutely nothing. Not even arm ache.)

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Thank you Shippers, and welcome to the forum

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