Credit Card Fees for Fund Raising?

Does anyone know how DPF gets charged for credit cards fee, if at all?

I want to donate the amount of miles I ride everyday (whatever SUF says the distance is).

I would rather do it everyday as I finish a stage, but if it makes more sense to wait until the end and do one transaction I would do that.

Whatever gets DPF the most from either a set amount in one donation, or the same set amount split over 7 donations.



Now I’m curious too. Credit card processing and discount fees are complex from what I’ve seen. Chances are there are only one or two people at Dpf who know the full answer…
I wonder if a charity is ever given better rates?

From what I have seen, much of the higher fees a business pays depends more on the type of credit card you pay with-say an Amex, or a “premium” card like those with the greatest perks and only given to higher income households, will cost the selling business higher fees, which are set by Visa/MC.
I f you don’t get a firm answer, my suggestion is to Pay with the commonest cheapest (no fee?) MC you have, in one lump sum, as a best bet option. That should avoid the extra per transaction fees and any premium card percentages.

US Debit card fees are significantly lower. You could pay them with a debit card. But still pay a lump sum at the end.

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No idea about fees, but loving your idea of donating the distance done. I’m going to borrow that idea. Thanks. Was also thinking of how to support Ukraine. Ive donated already but will do the same - kms done to DPF and Ukraine - may as well use my unused (due to covid) holiday funds


@valmiki Official DPF source here! We do not get charged individual transaction fees for donations. Your plan to donate at the end of each stage is fantastic, we love it! And we’ll get all the donations in full here on our end. Thanks so much for your support! Keep suffering!


Woohoo that is awesome to hear, time to go make amends for the first 3 stages :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @Rebecca_TeamDPF for confirming :slight_smile: