Donation done, but how SUF connect with the DPF and knows?

Hi Team,
I just saw the anouncement and hit the “Select Plan” right away. First Tour though, so here my question: I did the donation, but the SSUF app/website and DPF are using different logins, so I wonder, how SUF knows about my donation?


The fundraising and entries into the prize pool are all managed by The DPF. Suf manages tracking the stages for your badge. So they don’t need to be linked.

Enjoy the tour :slight_smile:


Ah I see, so the donation is only for the prize pool. Thanks Brian!

Obviously the registration donation is done on trust that people won’t ride the tour without having made at least that donation :slight_smile:


This is good to know because the website crashed on me during registration. It turned out that I was registered, but I was wondering if I should have been redirected to the donation page after that.

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