DPF and Facebook Links - Help

HI All, I have signed up for the ToS and tried to create a link to my Facebook account, it will be easier and more effective for fund raising than emailing people, but I get the message below in the screenshot, saying payment process is unable to accept donations from your location.

I’m based in the UK, has anyone experienced this issue and how to get round it? I have contact the DPF team, but they have said the system should accept payments from the UK.

Any solutions or suggestions will be welcomed.


Hi Rob, not sure what is causing the issue but I am letting DPF know again just to be sure. Hi @Rebecca_TeamDPF and @Lauren_TeamDPF have you been in contact with Rob on this payment issue like in the UK? Thanks everyone.


Thanks for forwarding on through the forum.

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Hi Rob, I’ll continue to email you with updates, but we haven’t had issues receiving donations through FB in the UK. I will verify yours are accepted as well and let you know once we do, it just takes a couple weeks for us to receive the funds from Facebook. Thanks for your efforts! Stay tuned.

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Thanks @Lauren_TeamDPF for the update. I seem to have got a work around, but not linking my DPF page to the Facebook Fundraiser and just sharing a link. I’ve had a few donations through, from looking at my DPF page.


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