A 'donate now' button?

Hi there,

I’m all for donating, however I’m very particular about what I register for, terms I agree to and with whom I share my information with.

I’d prefer not to register my details with a foundation, but would happily donate generously via a ‘donate now’ button.

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Hi Feeny, we have been using the Davis Phinney Foundation for many years with zero issues and I have copied the folks at Team DPF to answer any questions you might have and see if they can create a “donate now’ button. @Lauren_TeamDPF @Rebecca_TeamDPF

Hi @feeny,
We understand your concerns. For official registration in ToS and eligibility in the prize pool, you’ll need to register for the event. I can help you do this off of the registration site if you’d like to be included in the event. If you simply would like to donate, you can choose any of your Sufferlandrian pals to make the donation in honor of by going to the event page and using the search tool on the right side. http://events.dpf.org/tos21 Feel free to email me at TeamDPF@dpf.org. -cheers!

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At an online meeting this morning many of the participants said they would like to sponsor me, but they are asking for a link to do so. Without a “donate now” link attached to my profile I think I will not receive any donations.

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Hi @willie53! Lauren and I are here for you at Team DPF to help you get registered for the Tour and to set up your personal donation page, which includes a link that you can share far and wide for donations. If you have questions, feel free to email us at teamdpf@dpf.org and we’ll help you get your page up!

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Thanks for the offer to help. I have registered but am lost in the participant center personal page. How do I add contacts?

@willie53 make sure you email Team DPF and they will get you all setup. teamdpf@dpf.org

Hi @willie53! That is definitely something we can help with. Email us at teamdpf@dpf.org with your name and issue, and either Lauren or I will respond and work with you to get your participant center rolling!

Hi, how do I upload my email address book to the participant page? I did this earlier, but have updated the address book and nned to repeat the process.