Critical Power Test

Watching a video about the advantages of critical power over FTP. Is there anyway we can get a critical power test on SYSTM?

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SYSTM testing and plans are based on 4DP testing. How does the CPT differ and compare to that? I looked at it briefly and it seems pretty similar in intent.

SYSTM uses 4DP rather than just pure FTP which is already a big advantage over training based on pure FTP.

CP looks like it’s closer to 4DP and is thinking along the same lines, just in a different way. CP has 2 variables while 4DP has 4.


Please can you share the link? Just for educational purposes. Sure I can google more information, but I am just curious about the source.

Critical Power may theoretically fit known physiology better than FTP but surely it suffers the same limitations as FTP in that you cannot reliably use it to scale MAP, NP etc. for an individual. That’s the basis of 4DP as I understand it.


Yeah, I am thinking the same now that I’ve dove in a bit more.