🚀 New Knowledge Episode - Understanding 4DP Pt. 4: Functional Threshold Power (FTP 🚀

A must-listen for anyone serious about getting faster - all the science about FTP and what you should (and shouldn’t) use it for.

Listen here: The Knowledge Podcast

This is a must-listen for anyone serious about getting faster. Sure, you’ll hear why Neal loves going hard for an hour and why Mac feels you should think about 4DP like a cupcake. But, more importantly, they break through all the hype on FTP, explore what’s wrong with most standard FTP tests, and why not everyone’s FTP works the same way. They also explain why FTP is great for setting targets for recovery and endurance - but NOT for high-intensity work — and what understanding your FTP relative to your MAP, AC and NM tell you about your potential for improvement.


…but is it nice?