Custom Workouts

I was wandering if it would be possible to add a tool to create custom rides/workout with video.

For example supposing I want to create a work out with 4 sets with increasing length (2’-3’-4’-5’) and different power values (120% FTP - 115% - 110% - 105%) with 2’ rest in between, with a warmup and cool down;
a tool where I can select from a list of videos it could create this possibility.
The video can be a longer one, cut in smaller parts to fit the needs, for example, and the warmup and cooldown can be standard.

This is just one of the various hypothesis can be created.

And or a way to dump a trainingpeaks ride into a GUI and it would add a video to that.
I LOVE(!) the display I get with SYSTM. If I could get me trainingpeaks ride to mate with the SYSTM display that would be genius. Right now I have to use me Garmin head unit to display the intensity needed along with an Open video to accomplish my desired effect.


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