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Most training apps have some sort of workout creator tool. I know I could get a subscription to something like training peaks and then sync my wahoo roam, but it would make sense to have everything in one app. Either Elemnt or System. There are plans, but I just want a quick and easy way to create a simple workout to focus on whatever I want for that day. Garmin has that option…just saying…


Don’t think this is ever going to happen to SYSTM. There are over 100 workouts in the program.

is that a good reason? Trainer Road has many more workout, but still has a workout creator similarly most of the application.

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Trainer Road has a different paradigm than does SYSTM. I used it in 2013/2014 to build workouts to go with The Sufferfest videos. The creator has been in TR for that long.

There’s an (at least one) ongoing feature request thread for this option, as well as a few orphan posts, but not sure if it’s possible to combine them together:

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I would be very surprised if a workout creator isn’t on the dev list and coming as a feature at some point. Just don’t ask when :alarm_clock:


And yet none of them work for me today. My knee is not acting up today so I can work on my power, and today I don’t have time to spare so I need to do it during my lunch break, so 30min max. Warm up to start of an uphill is 4-7 min depending on the traffic so it would be nice if it is not time based. Also I feel like some HIIT training today, with some stand up pedaling. Soooo, I need 25-30 min HIIT workout with adjustable warm up lap, 5 hard sessions, 1,5min each with 30-60 sec stand up pedaling and rest of it with hard effort, bit but power based as I don’t have a power meter, then 1-1,5min recovery, repeat 5 times, and do a cooldown back to work. So tell me, which of the 100+ workouts is that exact one? And this is Tuesday, not sure when I will have the time to do more, or what will I want to do or what will my knee allow me to do. Doing your own workouts makes sense for (dare I say) the majority of the people.


I love the Sufferfest workouts and a lot of the no-vids, but sometimes I want something just slightly different.

I’m not as time-crunched as some, so I have time for 2 hour workouts many mornings.

So in a different app I made a MAP interval workout similar to Revolver but with a longer warm-up and somewhat longer recoveries that takes 2 hours. And then I run it in SYSTM and dual-record in something else so I get visuals. But it has to be based on either percent of FTP or absolute power targets. And doesn’t adjust properly when my 4DP numbers change.

There are often times where I want something similar like this, and want them to properly automatically adjust to my 4DP. But until SYSTM has a workout creator I have to constantly adjust my workouts in other apps.

I would love for SYSTM to have a custom workout creator.


per others who have commented, the canned workouts in SYSTM are fine but folks might want to tweak them sometimes for a certain purpose as noted in other comments. I think SYSTM may need to shift their paradigm. If this was my going to be my only centre for cycling workouts that would be a deal breaker.


Exactly. For anything slightly custom I currently have to use another app. But I don’t want to use another app. I want to just stay in SYSTM. And 4DP is better as the basis for workouts than any other app that uses FTP percentage.

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I would use it for FTP workouts. They are super easy to progress and self-program and sufferfest doesn’t have many long ones

Yeah, I’m 68, my dad past at 93. Assuming a similar life expectancy, I will probably never see it. :frowning_face:

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