Custom Workouts

So, just to confirm, I can’t import workouts from training peaks, create acustom workout or modify existing workouts in Systm?

Correct. At this time SYSTM does not allow the import, creation, or modification of your own workouts.



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Key words, “At this time”


I would love it if the app let you schedule custom workouts! I mainly want this functionality so I can schedule lifting sessions with barbells, etc.

I would also love to be able to import custom workouts, like erg files, so that I can continue to use the Systm interface with my own workout files rather than having to just run something like Endurance3 and remember the power targets that I would like to hit.

Any plans for this in the near future?

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‘Near’ is a very relative term. I will say a user-facing workout builder/uploader is on the road map. Unfortunately, I cannot speak to how ‘near’ that is. One of those under-promise and over-deliver items at the moment.


It will make it possible to drop the expense of my Training Peaks account.


Just signed up for Systm after the 14-day trial. Systm is great, no other platform has such a diversity of activities; but I’d also like to see the ability to build and import custom workouts in the future. Thanks



Just adding my vote for this feature. Would REALLY love to be able to create my own workouts from within the SYSTM app, and equally as crucially, import them from TP.


Agree - this will become a deal breaker for alot of people who have come to expect custom workouts as a standard offering in best of class platforms. I used SYSTM for the first time today (bike) and LOVED it… but without bi-directional Training Peaks integration or - generally - the ability to create custom workouts and move them around on the calendar, then SYSTM won’t give us the value we’re expecting for our subscription fee. I’m certain Wahoo R&D is working on this…what I’ve seen so far is too nice not to include it in the future.

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I would like to understand this better.

I totally get that some people like to create their own workouts. But if you did that in SYSTM, all you’d get is a workout without a playlist or video. You can already go that in TP (even with a free plan). You can use your headset to control the trainer (in ERG) and give you data. So doing this in STSTM just turns a computer into a big, mostly blank, headset. Hmmm.

So I don’t really get why not having this would be a deal breaker. It really has nothing to do with the videos, structured workouts, or plans that make SYSTM different from TP. that doesn’t mean SYSTM won’t do this. But if that’s the main thing you want to the “dealbreaker” exclusion of everything else, I don’t know why you’d be interested in SYSTM in the first place.

If I were to prioritize development efforts, I’d put this pretty far down the list. Of course, I have no idea where Wahoo put it.


Bottom line: SYSTM is a really nice interface compared to Zwift (or even Rouvy) and I would like to be able execute the bike portion of my Training Peaks plan in SYSTM application. If I cannot, then it becomes difficult to justify the SYSTM $15/month fee.

Thanks for the response – I probably should shed more light on the lens (or context) I’m looking at things through. I own structured triathlon and mountain bike training plans (created by professional coaches) that are stored in the Training Peaks (TP) application. Currently, TP can send those “custom” (bike segment) workouts to Zwift, and Zwift will allow me to select and ride them. It sounds like you know all this already and, like you said, I can also ride those same “custom” workouts on my Garmin Edge 530. SYSTM is a really nice interface in my opinion compared to Zwift (or even Rouvy) and I would like to be able execute the bike portion of my TP plan in the SYSTM application - and maybe be able to upload my own video to watch or pick from a library of videos that come “out of the box” - even if they’re not coordinated with my actual ride. I don’t think music would be that important unless there was a way to associate a Spotify playlist with a given ride (or just have playlists available)… but now I suppose I’m getting way too far out on the wish list spectrum. In any case, hope that helps. Thanks again for your response.


Thanks for sharing your perspective in such detail.


I respect your opinion and I understand that everybody is different but I can’t see how this is really justifying $15 a month for a “really nice interface” - you don’t seem to be particularly interested in using SYSTM for any of its designed training platform intentions (which is perfectly OK and up to you, of course).

Even if you have a training plan already in TP, I’d be utterly amazed if there were literally zero SYSTM workouts that could be used as a replacement TSS/IF-wise, whether they be sprint, threshold, rest or whatever.

As mentioned previously, thanks for providing your request in detail.


I’ve signed up for the trial and love the platform but custom workouts are key for me. Not having them is a deal breaker. Lots of old favourite erg sessions I’d like to include but can’t…

Shame as otherwise it seems an awesome platform and I’m sure the analytics when they finally arrive will be up to the same standard.

Come on team - make it happen and you’ll have a new sub from me and many more I’m sure

I still don’t quite understand this which means that I’m missing something, as this is clearly a popular request.

If you could create a custom workout, it would be not be associated with any video, which is one of SYSTM’s differentiators to its competitors (fully licensed UCI videos). So what would you watch with your custom workout?

If you would only do your custom workout while watching something else (YouTube, or whatever), are there really no SYSTM NoVids that meet your training requirements?

Isn’t it already possible to use an Open video and do whatever training you want, or is the issue with this that you will not inherently have ERG control (i.e. you will have to use Level mode)?

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There’s a couple of benefits to creating set workout plans.

First for tough workouts erg mode keeps you honest when you’re on your own and want to back off a few watts as the pain train hits.

Secondly some sessions are just complicated. Having pre set timings for interval changes just makes everything simpler and more enjoyable. No sweaty paper list of timings and intensities you are aiming to hit regardless of working in erg or level…

Most workouts are ‘no vid’ so no dif there.

It would be nice to overlay the SYSTM metrics on a media player or YouTube to add some interest or another random SYSTM vid

More important is just having the numbers and timings on the screen to go old school. I get the comment that surely there are some sessions that are similar that you could sub in but some sessions have a ‘feel’ that can’t be replicated or just have a nostalgic element that you just ‘want’… most other platforms have this ability to custom workout, shouldn’t be too hard :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the reply.

I understand what you have written but none of your points apply to me, which is probably why it took me that extra time to wrap my head around it :grinning: