Recreating road rides

I have asked about this before; whether it will be possible at some point to take my power / cadence data from some horrific climb, let’s say Lincoln Gap in Vermont, and be able to use it as a Sufferfest workout.
The wattage numbers are more sustained and higher than the Sufferfest workouts I have used for years. They are by no means easy, but this would really let me tailor my workouts for anticipated events. In my area we have plenty of 10 minute hard climbs but prepping for 1/2 hour - 45 minute climbs can be difficult.


Awesome feature suggestion. I will be sure to pass it along to our Wahoo Developers.

In the meantime, have you tried The Hunted, On Location: Luberon, Angels, or Thin Air?

In SYSTM on the left toolbar click Library > Cycling > Filter by Category: Climbing > then Sort by: TSS, Descending.

I hope that helps :blush:


I am having difficulty imagining how this would work since everybody’s workouts from their own IRL rides would be soooo radically different. Then, to somehow turn it into a SYSTM workout video.

If you want to re-ride your own profile, you should be able to do that directly from your head unit. Pretty sure Garmin and Wahoo both have head units capable of turning real rides into courses that can control your trainer. Then all you’d have to do is queue up one of the Open Vids in level mode, letting your head unit control your trainer. Then, your outdoor ride becomes an indoor ride. Does this make sense? Or, am I missing something?


This makes sense. I do this ALL the time off the headunit as do many people who are coached but don’t want to ride on a platform. You can also import into RGT Magic Roads and do it there if you want some animated terrain to go with your ride. Sometimes it’s helpful to see the road going up.

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The wrinkle in my case is that I use rollers and power meter pedals for my Sufferfest workouts.
Any thoughts?

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Long Scream + Extra Shot, and put a riser block under your front wheel to simulate the gradient.

That’s a tough one. I’d still suggest using any of the Open ride vids but then following your head unit’s cues becomes especially difficult because, well, rollers. So, I have nothing useful to offer. I also still don’t see this becoming a feature in SYSTM because there’d be no way to tailor their video to every rider’s ride profile.

That said, if you do want something to look at, like Dame Lisa said, you could use RGT’s magic road feature where they convert your ride to on screen roads but I’m not sure if the power profile follows that or how well the terrain will match the gradient you were actually riding up to signal the need to pedal harder, increase power, change cadence etc. If it does work, you could still open SYSTM and “record” your effort into one of the Open Vids provided your pedals can connect to multiple apps. Then, you’ll have a record in SYSTM of your efforts.

RGT mimics the terrain gradient using trainer resistance. You use your gears to decide how much power you use to get up the climb. So it’s more like how you would ride outside. It’s simply a different use of Erg mode: rather than resistance changing to force a specific power output. Not sure how well this would work with rollers but there is only one way to try.

Every time your get to a sharp turn your rollers pitch you over onto the floor.

:rofl: gotta stay safe through those corners

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This are my evolvinG thoughts on my original post. I am contemplating a set of Inside Ride rollers with a Smart Resistance unit. This would give me functionality similar to a smart trainer, particularly the ability to change resistance to simulate climbs. I looked into using my Elemnt Bolt to re-create rides I have done. From what I understand the head unit will change resistance to simulate the gradient of the ride. As has been mentioned this also sounds rather dull, without my laptop to look at graphics and metrics. Also mentioned was RGT Cycling’s Magic Roads feature which would liven up the experience. I assume it is computer generated graphics, which I am not toowild about.
The point of all this is that I think I can get what I am looking for but I want to research it before buying anything.


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RGT Magic Roads look like this:

Beating my dead horse again… I have RGT and Magic Roads courtesy of my System subscription. Any chance of being able to load a ride I have done and have it play back with power readings on the screen? I don’t have a Smart trainer but TruTrainer rollers w PM pedals. Theoretically I could match the power output from a given ride.

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