Cycling substitutes for running on tri plans when the weather justs says No

Hi guys

I’m a tri guy and have used the suf plans to both sprint and Olympic distance PB’s.

I’m doing All in tri plan currently before doing Olympic with strength. As the English weather gets worst and there is a lack of access to treadmills what substitutes do people use for running. i can do more strength and yoga but would like to have an aerobic bit as a replacement.

Bar circuit training does anyone use SUF vids and if so which ones.



Hi, I have basically the same question but adding the replacement possiblys for the swimming workout.

Do you replace it with a ride that targets the same purpose(endurance, sprints,map,…) and length plus one of the swimming strength training?



Swim workout replacement has been made easier since swim strength came out but previously if I couldn’t get to the pool, I would run!

If the weather meant I couldn’t run or get to treadmill I would usually do igniter or now the GCN version. then I would do one of the 30 min videos according to what the workout was or 20min AMRAP to try to simulate running energy systems used but this can be boring. Although I admit I like doing igniter before all run sessions as a warm up if I can!

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