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Hello Sufferlandrians,

This may have been addressed earlier. My wife and I are doing a sprint tri plan thus off-season, but cannot complete swim training due to pools being shut down in our area. Any suggestions on a good substitute. For background, my wife competes in triathlon and I am just trying something different this winter.



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Have you looked at the Swim Strength sessions?

When we released our all-in plans, the sport science team designed a couple of swim strength workout you can do as a substitute to swimming:


Same here, pools all shut, so I’ve been keeping up the outdoor swimming… Not much structure I can do in cold Irish winter, but at least 20-30 mins in the lake has other benefits. Is here an outdoor swim possible nearby. Some drills and some distance work, so mainly focusing on swim form…

Thanks everyone. We are trying the swim strength and will see how it goes.

Thanks again,


That’s a good duration though. I’m managing only just over 10 minutes without a wetsuit and no drills or breaks. It’s just get in, warm up, swim constantly, jump out.

Hi Coach Rupert H,

Are these still available? I can’t find them on the WahooX app!

Hi, we have temporarily removed these form the app as we are in the process of re-mastering them.

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Thanks! Look forward to the new ones.