I really miss a global dashboard online, on my phone, to get a bird eye view on all the trainings I have completed.

Today it is a kind of a pain in the neck :wink:
Either I have to scroll back in my calendar or to download a .csv file to get this information.

I’d like to see the completed ones and been able to sort them with the same kind of filter that there is in the app (names, categories, duration as a minimum) to avoid to do the same ones by mistake (even if it is always a blast to suffer twice the same pain)

Is it something you think about for a future release?


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after logging in, you can view all the workouts that you have completed

This feature is one of the known-missing things that was mentioned in the original release post. We’ve been told it’s coming, just not when.


@GBL My guess is this is at the very top of the list to release when it is done. Hopefully we will see something early in 2022.