Badges! I want badges! Transferring from The Sufferfest

I see that my badges tranferred to the “Progress” section of SYSTM but was curious about things that were not completed. I had done the majority of Inspirational Videos before the changeover and wondered if I have to start from the beginning again or just do the ones I still needed to complete–and, yes, I see a whole lot more new videos! As was noted in another topic it would be nice to have a way to see what needed to be done for a badge and I support this.


Hey @SirLeslieinCanada I think the improvements you are seeking are being worked on.

@SirLeslieinCanada Here is the webpage on badge changes:

Some of My Badges Have Gone Missing. Why?

Unfortunately it does not indicate if credit is given for workouts done under The Sufferfest and not completed for the badge.

@SirLeslieinCanada In my case I had finished the drill badge but in SYSTM it was incomplete until I did the new tapers video. Same for the Core badge - I had finished that but it now shows unfinished until I complete the new core workouts in the strength section. Totally agree that seeing what is completed is more helpful. That should be back in the app soon as I believe they mentioned that it is a priority.


You do still get credit for the workouts that you’ve completed. When we add new workouts to the categories that you’ve completed, those badges reset until you finish all of the new ones.

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